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  -09.30.09 - PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, a film I was lucky to be a part of a very small and talented cast, is starting a nationwide roll out promotion to movie theaters tonight!  Check the movie's main website by clicking the poster above to see if it is playing near you, if it isn't DEMAND IT!  Paramount has the website set up to poll cities to see who gets the film next! 

Sadly my role was cut out when Steven Spielberg suggested a new ending because the original was so scary it was unsettling to test audiences, but I've heard from the production that my scene will be on the DVD when it comes out with the original and theatrical versions on the same disc!  Either way, go support the film in theaters.  It is terrifyingly good.


-09.29.09 - NOT ANOTHER NOT ANOTHER MOVIE is now officially out of post production and is picture and sound locked, which means we're that much closer to getting it distributed so you can see it.  The trailer has been released, and you can view that now by going to the "Clips" section on my website. 

I also wanted to take a moment to congratulate David Murphy and David Schultz on getting married this year.  Not only have we all made a fantastic film but they've come out of the closet and are now partners in more ways than one.  While most people always knew David Murphy was gay, we were always less sure about David Leo, but I guess with all of that running around in his underwear without a shirt trying to get Murphy's attention thing, we could have picked up on it sooner.  Now they can join lots of many other happy and out Gay men in West Hollywood on weekend nights.  Congrats boys!


-06.15.09 - Hi everyone!  Good news!  SKID MARKS is going to be available tomorrow June 16th 2009 EVERYWHERE on DVD.  We are also in the final stages of sound mixing on NOT ANOTHER NOT ANOTHER MOVIE and are actively pursuing distribution through some of the largest dist. names in Hollywood!  We are very excited about inking a deal very soon!

I'm almost finished with the writing on two more feature film comedies, and have several other projects on the table including another film, a sketch comedy group, and the start up of my own company which will include live improv/sketch shows in the Los Angeles area and sketch/improv classes for LA Actors and youth camps in the summers for aspiring young thespians.  Check back soon for more information!


-10.07.08 - After a long absence, here are the most recent updates....  NOT ANOTHER NOT ANOTHER MOVIE is in FULL production.  We start principle photography on October 9th, 2008 through October 26th.  I have been very busy the past year getting this project off the ground and I am happy to say it is looking very promising.  We have some huge star names attached to the film including... 


I will be acting in the film as well as credited as a main writer and producer for the project.  We are really excited obviously, and I will update as much as possible.  We are currently in negotiations with National Lampoon as well as several other LARGE distribution companies for domestic distribution, we are crossing our fingers for theatrical distribution.

SKID MARKS is rumored to be in the final stages of DVD distribution negotiations, so I will update on that as soon as possible as well.  305, PRIMAL, are both out on DVD everywhere, and my cut scene from DOOMED will be up on the website shortly with full sound under my "clips" section.

Another film I was in, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, ran the festival circuits and won awards across the country.  Recently the project was picked up by Dreamworks Entertainment and is in the works for either an overhaul or possible release theatrically of the original film.  Either way, it's exciting because the movie is being haled as one of the scariest haunted house films of all time let alone the scariest film of 2008.  More can be seen at the official website here....


-08.26.07 - Here are a few quick updates.  SKID MARKS confirmed for THEATRICAL RELEASE October 5th in SAN DIEGO and  SKID MARKS TRAILER RELEASED ONLINE  See the official site for more details and further release information (CLICK POSTER ABOVE).  I will be spending the ENTIRE MONTH of SEPTEMBER down in the San Diego area promoting SKID MARKS before it's release.  If you're in the area let me know so I can let you know about promotional parties and events.  Also Skid Marks has opened a store where you can buy a few skid marks related items.

I will also have a small part in a film coming to DVD EVERYWHERE October 23rd.  The move is called THE 305.  It's a parody of The Office T.V. show in the setting of 300 The movie.  I have the part of a drunken vagabond in a pub.  Should be pretty funny.  If you don't know about The 305 click the poster above to see more.

PRIMAL an independent horror film I did back in 2004 will be coming to DVD soon hopefully.  YOU CAN WATCH THE TRAILER BY CLICKING THE POSTER ABOVE.  I will keep you posted as I know more. is now up and running.  Not Another Not Another Movie is a sketch comedy/parody script written by myself and fellow Skid Marks actor David Leo Schultz.  We are in the process of shopping our script around.  If you are interested or know anyone who would be please email me for information.  Thank you!


-07.26.07 - SKID MARKS has finally come around with some updates for us. 

First and foremost....

SKID MARKS THE MOVIE has a tentative release date of OCTOBER 5th 2007 in San Diego, CA at several ULTRA STAR MOVIE THEATER COMPLEXES.  Details are still forthcoming and I will update you as I am updated.

And now for our regularly scheduled updates...

Also the site has it's first major change adding a fresh blog section, a mailing list option and some NEW Public Service Announcement VIDEOS!!!  David Leo Schultz (Neil) and i wrote these a few months ago and we shot them down in San Diego.  They are short quick clips to help promote the film.  There are over 20 of them to be released in the next few weeks, and if you live near an ULTRA STAR CINEMA in Southern California they will actually be shown between previews at the theaters starting next week!!!!  Check them out here....

Please vote for them, and lets get the word out about this film.

Skid Marks will release the OFFICIAL TRAILER next week along with a NEW WEBSITE

I've created two new websites recently, one which will be geared towards my character from Skid Marks and another which will be a sketch comedy website with my writing partner David Schultz.  Here are the links, however they are only on a temporary welcome page right now...

If you check my IMDB page you will notice a new movie has been added, DOOMED, which is a horror film i was in recently released on dvd to blockbusters, and online at or  Like a lot of Hollywood stories, my scene ended up on the editing room floor (or i guess now you'd say in a trash bin on an avid editing computer station) only to be put back in at the end of the film while the credits role.  So i wouldn't run out and rent it for that reason alone, but i am in the progress of trying to get a rough cut of the scene to put on the site.

Last but not least i have written a feature film comedy with David Schultz from Skid Marks.  It's a parody film, but more in a sketch style format like KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE  with some Monty Python style humor to boot.  Vs the parody films of recent like NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE or SCARY MOVIE.  It's called NOT ANOTHER NOT ANOTHER MOVIE  We are in negotiations to get it made, hopefully with us in it.  If you are interested in producing or investing in the project please contact me directly for details.  And for anyone else, here's a mock up poster i did just for a little fun and yes what you see are just a few of the things currently in the script....

Not Another Movie Poster

Thanks for reading, i know that was a lot of updates!!!!


-02.14.07 - Added a new video in the clips section called ACTION HERO: THE INTERVIEW.  it's a shot i made to submit for an untitled reality show about actors who want to be action hero's, but with a comedic touch.  i wrote, directed, and edited the whole project with my brand new camera, expect to see many more home grown shorts in the next few months!

- Added some brand new publicity photos from SKID MARKS in the photos/set photos section.  ENJOY!

- Updated the site for easier navigation.


-01.25.07 - Recently filmed some SKID MARKS Public Service Announcements designed for commercial use on the internet.  Check back in EARLY FEB. for the entire set of digital shorts!  Also SKID MARKS website recently updated, more still to come...

- Also uploaded NEW HEADSHOT SESSION from professional photographer Michael Lamont (who has shot such actors as Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, and Lilly Tomlin!!!)  Check out the headshot section now!


-11.19.06 - SKID MARKS set for re-shoots and pick-ups during the month of December 2006.  Film is still on track for release Spring 2007.  Check back for more updates!

- I have filmed and will appear in an episode of the SPIKE TV sketch show, MANSWERS, this February.  MANSWERS answers questions men want to know  in a sketch comedy style.  The episode has yet to be named or given an air date.  Tim will have several skits as a degenerate southern deer hunter, utilizing different uses for his own urine.  See it's a show for the whole family to love!  Check back for date and time coming soon!!